Our exposure course is intended for those seeking the vertical experience of rock climbing. There is less emphasis on the technical aspects and more emphasis on the experience and movement in climbing. Perfect for beginner climbers and those who are new to the sport.

Our instructional course is catered to experienced climbers wishing to progress by gaining a greater technical understanding of the sport. This course can cover topics such as: knots, gear placements, anchors, top ropes, lead climbing, traditional climbing, rescue and aid/big wall climbing. This course emphasizes the ability to safely and ef´Čüciently become a more well rounded and experienced climber. Perfect for intermediate or advanced climbers.

Multi-pitch climbing, or climbs are longer than one rope length, are exciting, exposed and take you to summit peaks. We offer multi-pitch climbs for beginners and advanced climbers and up to 4 people for a multi-pitch climb. Climbs vary from approximately 200-500 feet tall. Perfect for all levels of experience.